Thrilling Thursday! (A Thrilling Link-up!)

Inspired by That Artsy Reader Girl's Top Ten Tuesday I really want to start a Mystery/Thriller Book Linkup!  I believe I will call it Thrilling Thursday!

It will consist of different criteria every week for a list of 10 books.  However, this linkup would be specifically for THRILLERS!! (mysteries, suspense, horror, crime, etc.)
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I was looking for a good thriller/mystery novel linkup and I couldn't find one.  And I think this would be such fun!!  Will you join me????????

First one is April 30th!

April 30 - List 10 truly 5 STAR thrillers you've read lately
May 7 - List 10 of your favorite thrillers of all time
May 14 - List 10 thrillers that need a movie
May 21 - List 10 thrilling authors that never disappoint
May 28 - ???

Please let me know in the comments if you have a suggestion for a Thriller Thursday topic!! AND if you would be interested in joining in this link-up!

Help me spread the word!  And please join in the fun and linkup!  And follow my blog to stay in the loop! :)

***UPDATE: Permanent link for Thrilling Thursday schedule and details